Question Time with Savera UK Youth

In August 2021, Savera UK Youth held a panel discussion alongside faith leaders and community representatives to talk about the violence and abuse directed towards women in Britain, and to discuss why culture and religion are often used to justify violence towards women.

The panel included Kim Johnson MP, Tracy Gore, Race Equality Chair, Liverpool, David Derefaka, Community Development Officer, BME, St Helens, Cllr Rabnawaz Akbar from Manchester, Kieran Bohan from Open Table Network Coordinator and Emily Spurrell, Merseyside PCC. Each of our panelists came from very different backgrounds, but it allowed us to cultivate varied conversations.

We would like to thank the panelists and attendees for making the event an opportunity for learning and discussion. Everyone has a part to play in the eradication of violence towards women and girls, and that change needs to start now.

If you or anyone you know are at risk of ‘honour’-based abuse or any other harmful practice, please contact Savera UK:

Watch the full event here: