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Join Savera UK Youth

Savera UK Youth is recruiting volunteers!

We’re recruiting!

Savera UK Youth is looking for volunteers aged 11-25 who are passionate about making change.

With Savera UK Youth you will play an important role in raising awareness of ‘honour’-based abuse, female genital mutilation, forced marriage and other harmful practices through a variety of projects, campaigns and events.

We support our team by helping develop their existing skills and gain new ones as they speak out about these issues alongside us.

Some of the projects our dedicated team of young people have previously managed are; a conference with guest panellists including Savera UK Patron Nazir Afzal OBE and Savera UK Youth celebrity ambassador Maya Jama, a Question Time event with a panel of guests and an exhibition centred around raising awareness on how we can #EndFGM.

The future generation is the key to ending these practices and the work the young people does is helping to raise awareness about these hidden practices.

You can become involved in Savera UK Youth either as a Savera UK Youth volunteer, or as a member of the Youth Advisory Board (YAB).

Savera UK Youth Volunteers

As a Savera UK Youth volunteer you are invited to take part in projects which can help you develop important skills for all young activists including public speaking, writing and organisation. We also welcome our Savera UK Youth members to share their own expertise and skills to help in the fight to eradicate harmful practices.

Youth Advisory Board

Savera UK Youth FGM Exhibition

Savera UK’s Youth Advisory Board (YAB) is a team of between eight and 10 young people who are the decision makers and project leaders within Savera UK Youth. They attend monthly meetings and bring life to each project and campaign, working together to deliver performances, events and to think up new ideas on how we can better raise awareness and continue to work to eradicate ‘honour’-based abuse and other harmful practices.

The YAB provide a valuable youth perspective to Savera UK and regularly report to the Savera UK board. As a member of the YAB you will learn and develop valuable skills in leadership while advocating for a cause you are passionate about.

You can read the Savera UK YAB Brief 2022

If you would like to become a member of either Savera UK Youth or the YAB, complete the relevant form below and send it to [email protected].

For more information or if you would like to speak to a member of the team about joining, email [email protected].

Please note the deadline for applications is 12pm Friday, 15th April 2022.