Savera UK Youth launch the ‘Orange Brick Road’ film

Members of the Savera UK Youth Advisory Board
Savera UK Youth Advisory Board members. [Left to right] Hannah Gloudon, Malcolm Thwala, Elias Folarin, Ayo Folarin and Adele Leung
Savera UK Youth aims to raise awareness and educate other young people about ‘honour’-based abuse, forced marriage and female genital mutilation (harmful practices). As part of this campaign, we premiered our ‘Orange Brick Road’ film, at Liverpool John Moores University on Monday 14th November 2022, before it was released online. We hope to reach a wider audience, educating

Audience members watch Savera UK Youth Advisory Board member Adele discuss the filmmaking process of the Orange Brick Road project
Savera UK Youth Advisory Board Member Adele Leung presents on the filmmaking process of the Orange Brick Road film

people of all ages about harmful practices. 

Before the film began, guests were welcomed into the room; the walls filled with Savera UK Youth’s poetry, art and photography. Displaying our art around the room showed our guests the different creative techniques we use to get our message across.

Savera UK Patron, Nazir Afzal OBE (Former Chief Crown Prosecutor for the North West, leading nationally on child exploitation, violence against women and ‘honour’-based abuse cases), shared his reasons for collaborating with Savera UK. Nazir echoed the importance of raising awareness and why educating others about harmful practices in school is vital.

Dr Hannah Baumeister (Lecturer of Law at Liverpool John Moores University) also joined us. She explained her journey to studying and researching harmful practices and how such practices are often treated by the law. 

Dr Hannah Baumeister, Lecturer in Law at Liverpool John Moores University

As we introduced our ‘Orange Brick Road’ film, the Youth Advisory Board (YAB) shared our stories about volunteering with Savera UK and the importance of the work. 

We’d like to thank the Merseyside PCC for kindly funding this project, and to our partners Liverpool John Moores University and John Moores Students Union, Nonconform, Natalie Denny and Andrew ‘AB’ Abrahamson. 

The premier came to an end with a question and answer session, and a commitment to continue raising awareness.

You can follow what Savera UK Youth and the Youth Advisory Board are up to by checking out our Instagram @SaveraUKYouth. If you would like to join Savera UK Youth, please contact [email protected].  

Written by Hannah Gloudon, Savera UK Youth Advisory Board Vice Chair