Savera UK Youth Winner of Youth Led National Crimebeat Award

Savera UK Youth has placed third in the Youth Led National Crimebeat Awards. The National Crimebeat is the youth crime prevention charity of the High Sheriffs’ Association in England and Wales. 

The prestigious award ceremony exists to give recognition to the most innovative and successful crime prevention projects carried out across the UK, with categories celebrating both adult and youth-led work. The 2020 awards saw the most entries ever received and Savera UK Youth was proud to be finalists in the ‘Youth Led’ category along with two other youth projects, Sharing Stories Sharing Strength and Targeting Substance Abuse in Young People by Derby Cadets

Savera UK Youth was invited to the awards ceremony, which was set to take place on 18th March. However, the event was postponed due to the Coronavirus outbreak and later cancelled, with the winners being contacted by Amanda Parker, The National Crimebeat Chair. 

Amanda Parker said: “The Youth Led category of the National Crimebeat Awards looks to those young people who come up with an idea for crime prevention and devise a project to tackle it. They never cease to impress us with their ingenuity and courage to confront sensitive and painful topics such as drug abuse, sexual exploitation, FGM and forced marriage.

“Many of the finalists have suffered themselves, and all are conscious of the importance of raising awareness among their peers and in their communities. Their courage and commitment is always inspiring and National Crimebeat is delighted to recognise and reward them.”

Speaking of the accolade, the High Sherriff of Merseyside for 2020, His Honour John Roberts DL, said: “Mr David Steer QC was the High Sheriff of Merseyside for 2019 and was responsible for nominating Savera UK Youth for the National Crimebeat Awards 2020. I am the High Sheriff of Merseyside for 2020.

“We were both absolutely delighted to learn that Savera UK Youth based in Merseyside secured third prize in the youth led section of the National Crimebeat Awards for 2020. This was well deserved recognition of a very special organisation run by some very special and highly committed young people and of their  hard work in support of a very important cause.

“Mr Steer and I salute you all and extend to you our warmest congratulations. Well done.”

Savera UK Youth is a group of young people aged 11 – 25 who are passionate about raising awareness amongst their peers about harmful practices such as ‘honour’-based abuse (HBA), forced marriage and female genital mutilation (FGM). They believe that education is the key to preventing these issues. 

The Savera UK Youth project empowers young people and inspires them to lead and advocate for the work that Savera UK does, allowing them to develop and gain new and transferable skills. The Savera UK Youth programme is vital for educating future generations on harmful practices and how to prevent them.

Savera UK Youth Advisory Board Chair, Kusqaum Adam, said: “As Chair of Savera UK Youth Advisory Board, I am incredibly  pleased  that we have placed third  in The National Crimebeat Awards. This is such a huge accomplishment for all of us. I am very proud of everyone who was involved and helped to make this happen.This could not have been achieved without everybody working together. 

“This means so much to Savera UK Youth as it is our aim to get recognition, spread our message and raise as much awareness as we possibly can. I am thankful that we have been given the opportunity to show our hard work for everyone to see and appreciate.”

Savera UK Youth is continuing to speak out and raise awareness about harmful practices during lockdown. They are working hard to spread the word and break the silence amongst their peers.

If you would like to find out more about Savera UK Youth and how to get involved, click here.